Bad Hospital for DUSK

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! Do not save and load while playing, it could break the map. !

! Have the music set to max, since custom sound effects in this map are classified as music. !

! Don't have bloom turned on for this, it will look like shit. !


My first Dusk map, made with base Dusk textures. It's around 20 minutes long. It's sealed and doesn't have huge rooms with too many enemies, so it has good performance (better than most maps with this many enemies).

102 enemies, 7 secrets


You wake up in an abandoned hospital. You probably want to get out.


A boss fight made out of brushes with 4 attacks, inspired by ULTRAKILL and Viscerafest

Interesting item pickup mechanic

Incredibly tight combat in cramped enviroments that open up once in a while

No door AI bug (for the most part, if you don't save and load)

Installation: (shamefully copied from the official guide)

For Steam:

Right click on the game in your Steam library and select "properties," then navigate to the "BETAS" tab. You should see a public SDK branch.

Note that the SDK version is currently a separate program from the main game. To run it, start DUSK from your Steam library (using the green play button). A launcher should appear with "Launch DUSK SDK" as an option. Choosing "Play DUSK (singleplayer)" instead, or launching Dusk from a desktop shortcut, WILL NOT LAUNCH THE SDK. If there isn't a "modding" button on the main menu, you've launched the wrong version.

For GOG Galaxy:

Navigate to your GOG library and "manage installation" for DUSK. There you should find the option to enable beta channels. Enter the following password to access the DUSK SDK

After that you should have the SDK channel available, upon joining it the SDK will download automatically. To access the SDK you can right-click the game in library and select SDK. Those on Galaxy 2.0 will have to navigate to DUSK\SDK and launch via the respective batch files. dusk_win for Windows, dusk_tux for Linux

After you enabled the beta:

Locate "local" folder (Dusk\SDK\mnt\local) and put "bad_hospital" file here from the archive.
Now it should look like this: Dusk\SDK\mnt\local\bad_hospital

Then run the game (make sure that you're running dusk_sdk version! You should see "MODDING" button in the main menu), press "Modding" button, find bad_hospital mod, check little box on the right side of the list, and press APPLY. Then press "CAMPAIGN" and "CUSTOM LEVEL". You should see "bad_hospital" level in the list. Press it and, TA-DA! Enjoy the map.

Special thanks to Vriska for helping me learn Trenchbroom and Strissel for letting me use his item pickup mechanic.

Playtesters: Aqua#4625, Gubbs#4141, PrincessToriiLovesYou#6434, Strissel#3690, temporaryAccount#4407, SOLONIUS#8821, Vriska#3320, vertigo#8986


engine sound effect: Youtube.com

crash sound effect: Youtube.com

gore sound effect: Youtube.com

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Soundtrack - Approaching Chernobyl (ambience for the first part): Youtu.be

PainKiller Soundtrack - Prison (ambience for the second part): Youtube.com

Andrew Hulshult - Heart Of The Thresher (DUSK OST) (combat music): aquired from the game files

Heaven Pierce Her - CHAOS (ULTRAKILL P-1 Theme #1) (final boss music): Youtube.com

Textures by David Szymanski (dusk.wad, dusk_transparent.wad)

Red brush car by Vriska


Atomas47#7894 on Discord, Atomas47 on Steam




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CrouchSoft @crouchsoft

Nice fun map, good work!