Black Industrial Misery for DUSK

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Published by Skade666 (mod ID: 537945)


80 Enemies, 8 Secrets

As you pass through seemingly endless tunnels you soon find yourself on the street of a massive, gray and bleak town completely sunken in darkness aside from the occasional streetlight. As you focus your vision on the monolithic pillars of concrete that once made out the homes of the town, you can't help but feel a sense of complete and apocalyptic loneliness, and as the darkness wraps around you you can't help but feel as though you're being watched. Despite the contradicting feeling of solitude the location gives up you notice that the very walls of the town seem to breathe...

Author's comments: This map is intended to be part of a 3 episode mod taking inspiration from the base game while featuring a bit more of a challenge, therefore I do not recommend first playthroughs to be played on Cero Miedo unless you are pretty good at the game. The map was inspired by E1M9 (Or Ghost Town) and Shinings "Black Industrial Misery" (Svart Industriell Olycka). Also this is my first ever mod for DUSK so if you enjoy it please leave some positive feedback :D

Recommended settings:

Everything on default (this is what I used when making the mod).

Dusk Noir preset: Makes the map darker and gives a lot of atmosphere.

Retro Filter: Makes the map darker and a lot more horror inducing, may be disorientating.

How do I install this mod?
In order to install the mod you have to use the DUSK SDK, however I will assume you have this version of DUSK set up.
To install this mod simply unzip the file and put the "Black Industrial Misery" folder inside the
Steam\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local folder path. To activate the mod navigate to the "modding" tab in the SDK
and check the "DUSK Base Content" and "Black Industrial Misery" boxes. After clicking "apply" the map should show
up in the Campaign>Custom level section.

Special thanks to Vriska for providing a lot of help in the development of this mod (including playtesting)






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Schnörkel @schnrkel

This is a really great level. I like how you can start with different paths at the beginning. There is good use of space in the map as well, it feels like a real place. The big fight down below is tough but it has good cover to balance that out.

Skade666 @skade666

Thanks man, stay tuned for my next level coming soon :)

potatothinking @potatothinking

I personally recommend that you play on the Strelok or Cold preset. Some moments made me laugh out loud. Superb attention to detail. The kitchen inscription in the first building is my favorite. Performance is on the level.

Skade666 @skade666

thank ye laddie!

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

Good show! <3

Skade666 @skade666