Cannibal Ridge for DUSK

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Published by Skade666 (mod ID: 1070291)


After a long trek through the mountainous wilderness you come across some facilities, appearing as mere facades for what is really going on, a cannibalistic society has emerged influenced by the cult and their former religion and are using this area as a giant slaughterground for any unfortunate visitors...

Author's comments: This map is intended to be part of a 3 episode mod taking inspiration from the base game while featuring a bit more of a challenge, therefore I do not recommend first playthroughs to be played on Cero Miedo unless you are pretty good at the game. This map was a relatively quick job, that said, I still faced some challenges with getting used to more organic outdoor terrain. I think it turned out pretty well in the end. The map is obviously heavily inspired by Episode 1 a.k.a "The Foothills", but primarily the first 2 maps as well as the secret level "The Dim Slough". Other than that, the texas chainsaw massacre movies and other horror themes helped a lot with inspiring this map as well :)

Recommended settings:

Everything on default (this is what I used when making the mod).

Dusk Noir preset: Makes the map darker and gives a lot of atmosphere.

Retro Filter: Makes the map darker and a lot more horror inducing, may be disorientating.

How do I install this mod?
In order to install the mod you have to use the DUSK SDK, however I will assume you have this version of DUSK set up.
To install this mod simply unzip the file and put the "Black Industrial Misery" folder inside the
Steam\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local folder path. To activate the mod navigate to the "modding" tab in the SDK
and check the "DUSK Base Content" and "Black Industrial Misery" boxes. After clicking "apply" the map should show
up in the Campaign>Custom level section.

Special thanks to TransRightsForever and my friend Snek for playtesting.

Pls gib like and comment if enjoymenting plspslsl




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Sierra-117 @sierra-117

So I actually played this level out of order. I played it last, because I thought that Black Industry was first.

Regardless, this map, and the entire 'episode' were superbly done. I cannot overstate how much fun it was. Especially with all the environmental story telling. Loved the arena fights throughout the three levels. Really LOVED the house with the verses in it. Amazing work, and I can't wait to see what else you put out!

Skade666 @skade666

Thank you so much. It means a lot!

CrouchSoft @crouchsoft

Good work, so much atmosphere!

Skade666 @skade666

Thank you!

Jawshua @jawshua

This is a excellent mod with fun gameplay, and intuitive level design on par with that of the game itself. The only real problem I had with my first playthrough is ammo being rather sparse. aside from a few nitpicks and minor bugs the map design takes the default assets found in dusk and utilizes them in much more detailed environments that still keeps the low poly aesthetic of dusk and play very well.

Skade666 @skade666

Do you remember at what parts you had little ammo and for which weapons?

Jawshua @jawshua

after replaying it I can say that the only area I really had little ammo for is the assault after picking up the blue key.

Skade666 @skade666

Thanks for the input! I disagree with the ammo being too sparse, I think it could be a separate problem which is that its not distributed evenly and some of it you have to actively look for and if you do you'll have plenty of ammo throughout the level. But yes I've gotten this feedback in playtesting and I'll look into fixing it a bit.