Dusk Dude in the Sky for DUSK

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Published by Gigazilla (mod ID: 171337)


Update: 11/1/2020 Changed the size of the vertical platform before the wall climb to make progression during the breakable platform section more clear. Difficulty is unchanged.

Are you worthy? A simple looking but challenging movement map. No secrets. No enemies. Just reach the end.

You'll need pretty good knowledge of dusk movement to beat this one. I recommend completing Jump_Dusk and Rivet Run before trying this.

Play with Light Flares set to off so rivets and hallowed health don't blind you.

Let me know if you beat it without Quicksaving you legend.

More to come :)

Inspired by Rivet Run and Jump_Dusk plus other Quake / Counter strike / etc. movement maps.

Install instructions:

  1. How to activate the Dusk SDK: Dev.newblood.games
  2. Extract the zip into the Dusk SDK directory D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local
  3. Launch Dusk SDK and click Modding then check the box for the map and click Apply.
  4. Click Campaign then choose the level.




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