Dusk Summer Jam 2021 for DUSK

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Published by TransRightsForever (mod ID: 1058451)


DUSK Summer Jam 2021


A Dark and Lonely Path by GPuzzle.

Facade by LogFromBLAMMO.

The Illusionists Citadel by Jedly.

Veritas Orbis by JesusPXP.

Install instructions:

Extract the zip into the Dusk SDK directory which should look something like this: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local

After this go into the Dusk SDK and under "Modding" check the box for the map you want to play and hit "Apply" You should then be able to play the map under "Custom Levels"

Instructions to activate the Dusk SDK can be found here: Dev.newblood.games

Note that activating all the maps at once may lead to collisions (messed up skybox textures etc,) activating them one at a time as you play them is the safest option.

If you have any problems let me know!

Trans Rights <3







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xvertigox @xvertigox

Great work on the jam by everyone! I'm playing through each of the maps so I'll edit this comment as I play them

Veritas Orbis

- The first thing I noticed was FPS drops. I've got a 2080TI and this is the first time I've had any FPS drops in Dusk so I'm not sure what's causing it. It seems to happen in the void-y areas so I'm thinking there's leaks or something that are doing it?

- Those abstract and voidy areas are the highlight of the map. They look visually interesting but the way they flow is more interesting. I especially liked that when I fell of the map at hub with 3 gates I was teleported to a totally new and unexpected area.

- Some of the teleport effects are a bit janky but they're interesting at least. I would try to make them a bit more seamless and if that's not possible reassess including them or at least cutting them down.

- The downside with the map is the combat and balance. I found it way unbalanced on CM. I'm not the best player ever but I do fancy myself as being quite proficient but there just wasn't enough health and ammo. The combat encounters as well were often pretty stale, fighting down a corridor from one direction with not enough weapon variety. The good parts were the bigger, open areas where you're getting attacked from all angles but there wasn't enough health to support these battles.

- If the large battles were tightened up, re-balanced and the FPS drops were fixed then it would be a pretty solid map. In this version there's just more issues than the positives can outweight.

A Dark and Lonely Path

- The map title is ironic given that the map is in fullbright. I don't know exactly what the point was for two out of the three keys since you only use the red one to exit the map? I did like how smooth the teleporting was, I didn't notice it at all until I saw the area behind me was totally changed. That aspect of the map was very cool but it seemed more like a proof of concept than a completed map.


- The opening shot is great, it's a really intriguing way to start the level, it made me want to explore immediately.

- I dig the scale of the map, plenty of room to jump around in. I do wish, however, that there more enemies to maximize the use of the space.

- I found the progression to be confusing at times but once I realized the answer is usually 'shoot the thing' I managed to find my way.

The Illusionist Citadel

- This map is very visually cohesive witha good use of lighting. Good map flow as well, the map intersects itself and puts you where you right where you need to be.

- The combat is pretty good. It's a bit one dimensional but I think with the current limitations of the SDK that may be unavoidable. I'd love to see an updated version of this map when the SDK update is out.

- What is with this filesize though!? 100mb texture wad? Surely you don't need to include all of those textures. I really don't get why the textures are that huge either.

CrouchSoft @crouchsoft

Nice work on the maps!

potatothinking @potatothinking

I escaped the Citadel.

manniacc @manniacc

Hell yeah! Congrats to everyone who took part in this!