DUSKwood - a short custom map for DUSK

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Published by Headcrabs (mod ID: 84251)


To Install:

1. Navigate to where DUSK is installed on your computer, the default on steam should be something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dusk\

2. Goto SDK -> mnt -> local

3.Drop the "DUSKwood" folder there

4.Open DUSK, click "Modding" and make sure DUSKwood is enabled

5.Open "Campaign", select "Custom level", and select "MAP_01"

!Big thanks to the New Blood discord for helping me out, wouldn't of ever got this map made without the helpful people over there!






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loop321 @loop321

The newest upload of this map doesn't work. The original still work, but the map_01.map file doesn't load to the custom level list and changing it to .bsp doesn't make the map load.

potatothinking @potatothinking

A well-kept atmosphere of a small ruined settlement. But at higher difficulties, you may not have time to react to the first leatherneck, despite this I like that the map does not start behind someone's back. The houses are lacking in detail. A good idea with two barrels, they can quickly destroy goats and rats running out of the barn with mortar. I think I'm also a little stuck on the stairs by the church window.
After two leathernecks and a few jumps on rooftops, it was hard to know where to go next, do I jump down? Or should I jump over the fence on the left side? Also, there are more than enough bullets in the top hut, too many. The last location I think I found accidentally jumped off the rocks at the top, because of the wall and its textures are hard to notice, maybe this is the idea. The stairs in the place with a bunch of opponents prevent them from coming out.

I'll note that this is just my vision of the level.

Headcrabs @headcrabs

Thanks for playing :) I'll probably tweak the level a bit to add in your suggestions, the map is really short because I sort of ran out of ideas for it lmao, I wanted to avoid stringing together abunch of different ideas that dont go together. That last area with all the enemies was hidden like that on purpose, I should of added the little thingy that pops up when you find a secret so it makes more sense to the player. Anyways, I really appreciate the comment, it was very detailed and gives me plenty of things to change and make better :)

potatothinking @potatothinking

Have a nice job!