Duskywoods Preview for DUSK

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Created by BryBreadmin (mod ID: 80076)


First map in an eventual campaign. Some minor visual bugs because the SDK isn't complete yet.




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RefleX1584199783 @reflex1584199783

This map was awesome! I played it on Cero Miedo and wow, it is hard as hell. The scenery is really nice and you put a lot of detail into it, which turned out great! My only criticism is that the weapons are a little hard to find and the first time I played through the level, I didn't know where the second shotgun was. Otherwise, great map, keep it up!

OskarF @oskarf

I'm getting a bug, trees appear untextured with a solid white color. Has this happened to anyone else?

OskarF @oskarf

Oh hey nevermind, after loading a different map and then loading this one it loaded as it should!

BryBreadmin @brybreadmin

Ya that's a bug with the SDK build of Dusk right now lul. Has to do with models loading in before the textures are ready.

OncewasAnimal @oncewasanimal

luvin' it good wurk

potatothinking @potatothinking

Maps with overwhelming locations and corridors are what I love about FPS. There is also very nice-looking landscape design.

I do not remember such a van at the beginning of the map in the game files, how did you make it?

BryBreadmin @brybreadmin

Thank you! Yup I did make the van, it's brush art. In HL1 there's actually surprisingly few models; almost everything is made with brushes!

potatothinking @potatothinking

Wow, guess I should take a closer look at the editor.

SuperQGS @superqgs

fun little map! love the open outdoor design. It's pretty linear, but that's not always a bad thing. When I first loaded it up, all the trees were a solid light blue color, but this fixed itself after reloading the map. The interesting thing about Dusk's inclined surfaces is that Duskdude doesn't slide down them. That means that if there's a wall that is even slightly sloped, the player can climb right up to the top. With this I was able to climb out of the map and look down on it from a whole new perspective, pretty cool! I.imgur.com

Excited for the rest of the campaign! Also, the soap was a nice touch