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Published by camtap (mod ID: 644381)


An auto-generated Dusk rendition of the first map from ROTT. This is a work in progress as the SDK continues to be implemented. Generated with the rott2quake project. Please don't DMCA me in the face 3drealms.

Just unzip in the SDK/mnt/local folder in your installation of Dusk.





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Chimz76 @chimz76

I found the looks level to be charming. The Blocked level design, the textures and etc. The level reminded me of Doom too!

However I strongly suggest you work on the gameplay!
There is NO AMMO! None!
I feel like you tried to stick to the original map from ROTT but I gotta tell ya, 1:1 port of maps is not interesting. If in another game there is little ammo given, it's because of the Mechanics of THAT game.
If you port a level from one game to another, you must balance it (enemies, pickups, weapons and etc) based on the LATTER Game's Mechanics.

From the first minute I found myself low on ammo. Half the enemies I killed were with Sickles.
And for the second half of the map, I bunny hopped my way forward, smashing into walls and doors just to get to the end. Why? Because I had no ammo, and the amount of enemies in each room was 5+ so I could not even try to sickle them.

I don't think you'd want your map to be Skipped by the player like this.
The look and feel of the map is great, but if you want people to actually enjoy your map, I strongly recommend you go back and redo all the pickups and enemy encounters. Make the enemy types diverse, select positions for Weapon pickups and give more than 3 guns to the play, playtest and see how much ammo and health you should put and where you should put it.

An Auto-Generated map may be good in looking exactly the same as the source, but it does NOT play well.

I'll come back and play this map again if you ever fix it. Good luck!