Medical Pavilion for DUSK

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Published by travis(modio) (mod ID: 1938117)


A short map inspired by the original Bioshock level Medical Pavilion.

1. Make sure your version of DUSK has mods enabled. Follow guide here if unsure: Dusk.mod.io

2. Copy the "travcustom" folder into "Dusk/SDK/mnt/local/"

3. Boot up DUSK with SDK enabled (Refer to step 1 for guide if needed) and select "Modding"

4. Enable the new travcustom option.

5. Back to the main menu and select "campaign". Then "custom level"

6. Select "MedicalPavilion" and enjoy :D

Please feel free to modify and extend this map for your own use.
I just ask that if you do so please provide credit to myself when you distribute your new version and include a link to this original.




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CrouchSoft @crouchsoft

Nice fun quick map.