Nacht Der Untoten Alpha Lighting test for DUSK

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Published by Strissel (mod ID: 1611839)


This is just an early alpha test, mostly to get peoples opinions of the lighting in its early stages. Not many gameplay elements are present yet, but will be added later. Im aware window barriers are still buggy as hell, and I already have fixes on the way. Invisible walls preventing the player from leaving the playable area dont exist yet either, so feel free to take a look around outside the map I guess.

Let me know what you think about the lighting, or even the map itself.





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xvertigox @xvertigox

The lighting is great! I couldn't really find anything wrong or out of place with the lighting. One thing that you could maybe try is putting fewer but possibly brighter lights in one of the indoor areas with the concrete pillars. It could make the pillars cast high contrast, dark shadows. Not sure if that would work at all or not, just a thought.

The rebuilding the barriers mechanic was surprising and immediately made me expect shambling zombie hordes. The map is obviously still very WIP but the textures use is great as is the detailing. Are these RTCW textures?

I'm keen to give this a jam once there's some gameplay added.

Strissel @strissel

Thanks! For the pillar area's lighting, ill most likely remove some and make it brighter to give those dark shadows. The textures were originally going to be 100% base game textures, but the outside area was too bland, so that idea got changes pretty early in development.

As of this point in time, everything except the ground terrain outside is base textures still, though this is subject to change. The ground textures come from Makkon2.wad, a texture pack made by Makkon, a member of the Quake mapping discord. When the project is finalized, any resources that I use will be in the folder, along with a README.txt crediting everyone.

As for the barriers, Im aware theyre buggy. They were actually the first thing I created on the map to ensure the mechanic worked, and as such, in the following months, I figured out how to optimize them and make them less buggy (e.g. To prevent people from being teleported out the window, or walking up the sandbags, or difficulty pushing the button). These are things that have already been changed on my mechanics test map, that are waiting to be implemented here.

Things yet to come in the future (that in testing, have proven to be possible to implement) are as follows:

1.) Waves of enemies [Im thinking in the ballpark of 50 waves]
2.) Enemy texture reskins
3.) Buyable* wall-weapons and a buildable Riveter.
4.) Dopefish
5.) "Max ammo" drop after dog rounds.
6.) When scripting availability is added, regenerating health, as opposed to health pickups.
7.) Easter Egg or possible "suprise" after all 50 rounds are completed ๐Ÿ˜‰
8.) Custom weapons/weapon models, after future SDK updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or in the discord, and if you would like to see an example of whats possible, please consider downloading and testing my showcase mechanic map, that shows off a buildables workbench.


*seeing as points are only in endless mode (and dont do anything anyway), and I can only make solo campaign levels, guns are "purchasable" after getting x amount of kills.