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Published by -Nine- (mod ID: 1533823)


Disclaimer: This map has platforming sections, It is recommended a basic knowledge of rocketjumping although not mandatory.

Quick and cheap map I made in a couple of hours to pass the time, very bright in colors, featuring lots of different enemies, lots of secrets, non-default textures and small bits of platforming. Don't expect anything amazing, making a good map requires more time than what I put into this one.

.map file included.

All assets used in this map belong to their original creators I own nothing.

Wad file: 17buddies.rocks
Song used: Youtube.com


Map made by -Nine-
You're free to:
Re-upload this map while crediting me as the original author
Modify this map in any way while crediting me as the original author

You're NOT allowed to:
Publish this map or any of the assets used in it for commercial purposes




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xvertigox @xvertigox

A surprisingly fun little map. I wasn't expecting much but it's enjoyable to explore a bit, especially with the chill Mario (?) tune playing in the background. I started it on CM difficulty but after seeing what the maps like I chucked on Accessible and it was a lot more enjoyable.

I reckon you could definitely run with this concept. If you were to make it in the style of MAYhem 17 - Doomwiki.org - and take it a tiny bit more seriously it could make for a really fun map or mapset.

-Nine- @ninenaomi

glad you like it, I should be more careful about unbalanced sections because when testing it I have no issues since, well I know every danger it hides from me already.
Did you find all the secrets?