The Bunker for DUSK

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Published by Vriska (mod ID: 79896)


Another short map, taking place in an "abandoned" bunker.




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Eus33 @eus33

A mysterious map, the mapping cool, the details are good, but secrets. hell, I couldn't figure out where the second one was, I accidentally heard the rats at the beginning, but I didn't know how to get to them

StuGLyfe @stuglyfe

A good start. Just FYI, your toilets are backwards and the car at the beginning is very dark, would recommend making it a little lighter around the car. I'd also add some sort of weapon/powerup/key in the secret bathroom, I didn't find the other secret. Maybe move the super shotty into there, the player already has the two shotguns, which is more than adequate for dealing with the Grand Wizards. I love the atmosphere though, the imagery at the end with the giant thing is really cool. I just hope it isn't an Evangeleon reference.

VEVEN_CH @veven-ch

Mmmmmm, these little details and atmosphere are nice. Also i like how you *nailed* this big thing in the end. Ha.