The Colossus for DUSK

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Published by King_Psyduck (mod ID: 2160895)


Hi, thank you for looking at my map
So this was my first fully finished map

This was going to be in a pack of 3 but i never got around to the other 2.
so i decided to release the finished one.

It's a vary Small an linear map, vary straightforward

btw the map looks nothing like the preview image :)


@JimmyDaWorm Speed run Time 00.48.50

Install Instructions

1. I assume you have the sdk installed(if not download that in the steam betas)

2. now put the unzipped folder in the following

good job you can play the map now




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CrouchSoft @crouchsoft

Nice fun and quick map to play.

Vriska @vriska

Cool level! Let's go a little more detailed.

The geometry, the enemy placement, the balance were all pretty good in general, even if I havent found a couple secrets. The visuals of the map were a little flat because of the lighting, and it's a shame since it could easily be improved by getting rid of worldspawn light and applying some basic sunlight and light sources other than candles. Also the texturework (at least at the start of the level) was a little janky (especially the tree textures).

It could use some invisible walls in a couple areas as you can see me going out of bounsd accidentally while secret hunting. The castle stairs could use an invisible ramp as I was getting stuck on them a couple times. I think I skipped an assault rifle too, as I saw the ammo but not the gun itself. The arsenal could use some variation in general, and while I understand it's a short level it wouldnt hurt to add a pistol and maybe place the AR is a little bit more obvious spot.

Overall I had fun, can't wait to see more maps!

Unicronicorn @unicronicorn

Very good and cool :)