The Four Ruins Map Pack for DUSK

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The Four Ruins Map Pack.

Everything Shall Turn to Dust...

Contains four maps:

The Eldritch Caverns: Delve into untold horrors.

The Defiled Paradise: Walk through the ruins of a lost Utopia.

The Sanctum of Corruption: Fight your way through a wicked fortress.

The Temple of Ving Tsun: Survive against the inhabitants of this forbidden sanctuary

Install instructions:

Extract the zip into the Dusk SDK directory which should look something like this: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local

After this go into the Dusk SDK and under "Modding" check the boxes for the maps and hit "Apply" You should then be able to play the maps under "Custom Levels"

Instructions to activate the Dusk SDK can be found here: Dev.newblood.games

If you have any problems let me know.

Thanks to VEVEN_CH for helping with the music. Much appreciated. <3

I certainly welcome any feedback you have. If any of these levels suck let me know :)


Love your fellow humans.

Trans Rights<3




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KREUZERMANN @kreuzermann

"Map pack? Big gaming"
So i really liked playing through this map pack but i think there is definitely room to improve these maps. I'll start with a good thing tho. The maps are VERY non linear but it's not confusing. I love the level design and you have to never backtrack. The maps all look very samish all the time. Not a big problem on the gameplay side. I rarely got lost but it all looks a bit weird and boring so thats something you could work on. There are also some parts of the maps which look a bit janky and inconsistent. There's also a bug where the maps are not in the correct order when you extract them out of the unzipped folder. You could fix this easily by calling the maps "the four ruins| map x | map name" (change the x to 1 2 3 4 (by order)). The gameplay for the most part is pretty weird but still doesn't feel unfair or not fun but in the first map (judging by the fact that you fight low tier enemys mostly) you have to fight a grand wizzard and scarecrows with double pistols which is just stupid and doesn't make any sense. Still good keep going

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

!!!Big Gaming Alert!!! Wow thanks for this super useful feedback. You made a lot of good points. I'll look this over and try to fix some of this stuff. I agree there are definitely improvements to be made here.

It's an honour to have THE creator of THE Mountain Dew mod playing these levels.
Even though everyone knows Pepsi is better. :///

Toa1588028962 @toa1588028962

Temple of Ving Tsun - I actually played this level first (I didn't realize it was last) and it honestly felt the most samey and uninspired, particularly with the lack of enemy and weapon variety.
Sanctum of Corruption - has a bug with the Cowgirl room where you cannot progress if you hop into the room and hop out as the bars come out of the floor and block your path That really sucked, but otherwise good.
The Defiled Paradise - that platforming section is really not fun, but otherwise good.
The Eldritch Caverns - this rocked! It felt the most similar to the original DUSK in terms of atmosphere and action. My only comment was that the world ending abruptly at the ocean/sea/lake rather than having a full horizon was a little weird, though that is a minor gripe on a fantastic level.

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

I agree with all these points! Thanks for taking the time and providing feedback. <3

I'll make some tweaks soon.

VEVEN_CH @veven-ch

I enjoyed this map pack! Your maps has pretty geometry and nice gameplay. Quick review of all maps:
The Eldritch Caverns: I like both city and underground parts, nice nice.

The Defiled Paradise: pretty castle, rip cero miedo players.

The Sanctum of Corruption: brutal.

The Temple of Ving Tsun: haha mortar goes boom boom!

Glad music works now!

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

Ahola, thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it. Yeah there's that one part in The Sanctum that I almost feel guilty about.