The Lazarus Pit for DUSK

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Published by TransRightsForever (mod ID: 129653)


The Lazarus Pit

74 Enemies.

2 Secrets.

*Brief frame drops when entering certain rooms. Possibly due to there being more candles in this level than a Roman Catholic Church.


Install instructions:

Extract the zip into the Dusk SDK directory which should look something like this: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local

After this go into the Dusk SDK and under "Modding" check the box for the map and hit "Apply" You should then be able to play the map under "Custom Levels"

Instructions to activate the Dusk SDK can be found here: Dev.newblood.games

If you have any problems let me know!

Trans Rights <3




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SnickySnacks @snickysnacks


I've been trying to play this mod but after starting the mod it seems I take either massive damage or die immediately (so fast that I'm dead when the map loads.) I'm not sure if this intentional or a glitch. It seems to be connected with a space in the middle of the map (right where you spawn)

Either way I'm still looking forward to trying this map as all of your other maps have been wonderful!

And Trans rights are human rights!

EDIT: Upon getting further into the level the Cart Dogs you first encounter are also invisible.

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever


Yes, I am aware of other people having this exact problem (myself included) it has to do with the SDK itself and as such I can't really do anything to rectify it. I imagine these things will be fixed when the devs get around to the next update. But that could be a while as they have a lot on their plate as of writing. ;(
Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Trans rights are human rights <3

SnickySnacks @snickysnacks

That's okay!

I began to notice as much because I was playing through other mods and had similar issues including frame drops and screen flickering. Thanks for the reply and I'm still looking forward to playing it eventually!

Hermit_ @hermit19

For somereason, this map cant keep a consistent framrate for me. Done a lot of messing around with the visual settings and it just isnt going + definitely does not appear like the screenshots on my side. Maybe I ****** something up? Idk

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

I know exactly what you're talking about. Ever since the update for the SDK on June 13th I've had issues with framerates. It's a problem I can't really fix on my end as far as I know.

I'll see what state the SDK is after the next update and try to make some adjustments then.

I have found that putting "-force-vulkan" into the launch options on Steam helps with framerate. While not fixing it completely. You'll find Launch Options under Properties if you right click on Dusk.

Feel free to keep me posted.

Trans Rights <3

SolarWraithe @solarwraithe

I'm having some trouble playing the mod. I have everything installed properly but when I boot up the level the screen is covered in this static. I can't see well enough to play the map. Pictured below. Can anyone help me?


TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

If anyone is having this problem as well, the thread on the Steam Forums is here:


Vriska @vriska

Ohhh i really liked the aesthetics, but got lost by the end of it cuz i couldnt figure out that i need to climb the rope

CrouchSoft @crouchsoft

Very enjoyable map, nice use of vertical space.

TransRightsForever @transrightsforever

Glad you liked it!