The Underworld - Original map by Matt Sefton for DUSK

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Published by -Nine- (mod ID: 1128361)


Original map created entirely by the legendary Matt Sefton: Quaddicted.com - all credit goes to him, I own nothing
If the original author wants me to remove this submission contact me.

- added shotgun + pistol at start
- added few pickups
- few other tweeks
- removed the elevator in the first room that would softlock the map
- removed access to an optional room that would get the player to fall trought the map




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xvertigox @xvertigox

Very interesting poc. I would love to see something like e1m1 imported into Dusk and retextured so it doesn't look like a Quake level. It's cool that this process works as well as it does. I'm guessing you could do the same for goldsrc maps?

-Nine- @ninenaomi

I did it, for White Mesa. The map worked very well cause it was a single bsp file. Most half life bsp files are small and have changelevels triggers that will reset your progress when played on Dusk. The only way to fix this is to merge the bsp files into one, which I have no idea how to

HellsConflagration @hellsconflagration

How did you port this map over without the .map file? I went and downloaded Sefton's other stuff (as well as maps from random creators) and ran into so many issues like doors not opening, and the biggest one being that guns just would not spawn. Someone mentioned that they could be spawning under the map, but when I noclipped the random map I downloaded, FMB7 by Mike Woodham, only one gun had spawned at all and it was the Riveter

-Nine- @ninenaomi

Hello yeah, I used a software that allows you to roughly edit bsp files, it's called bspguy, you can find it on git hub.

I wish I could have ported the map as it played in quake, but unfortunately, I couldn't fix a lot of the issues that playing these maps on Dusk causes, for starters, is a room where players phase through the floor, to fix this I'd have to decompile the map and edit the DotMap on Trenchboom.
When I ported this map I also didn't know how to fix the elevator that wasn't working (and it would just softlock you in the first room), but now with hindsight, I think you just need to change the classname to a door, anyways the software is very limited and mostly is used to add entities like the dusk pistol and shotgun, this also allows you to fix enemies balance since quake maps have a lot of Enforcers/Welders which makes them a drag to play, and also adding ammo since in Dusk you need a bit more when playing maps made originally for quake.