Unholy Assault for DUSK

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Published by ChocoCheez (mod ID: 1494489)


This mod uses base textures, models, and entities from Dusk. To install, unzip the contents of the zip file into a new folder, and make sure to enable it in the modding menu in the title screen.




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xvertigox @xvertigox

This is a tiny, two room map. It's really cool that you're getting into Dusk mapping a bit :) Have you got any plans for your next map? You could also add lighting to this map to practice further.

For this one, I would recommend putting it in a folder first before zipping it up. I had to create a folder called 'Unholy Assault' and then extract the files there.

Hope to see you stick around and keep mapping :)

Vriska @vriska

eyy, welcome to dusk modding :) It seems that your description file prevents the mod from properly loading, i suggest removing it as it may be a bit buggy. Hope to see you make more maps!