Vertigo City for DUSK

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Published by manniacc (mod ID: 1039802)


A relatively long custom map created using Trenchbroom, using vanilla texture and a couple of custom ones.


Due to the map's size and complexity it may not run smoothly on all computers. As such I have also made another version of the download with the map split into two parts under "(LOW-MID RANGE PCs)Vertigo_City - Two Part.zip"

The songs are as follows:
Dreams from The Incredible Machine 2. e1m6_action.ogg and synth_beat.ogg by David Szymanski and Andrew Hulshult.

To install the mod, place the "Vertigo City" or "Vertigo_City_two-part" folder in the "local" folder, typically located at C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local




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xvertigox @xvertigox

Absolutely fantastic map. The skyscraper theme is a novel one and you pulled it off really well. I had to play the two map version because the single map version was giving me big FPS drops even with a very beefy GPU/CPU combo. That doesn't really matter though, it works great as two separate maps.

I did have an issue with water in the first sewer you enter. The water is much deeper than how it appears leading you to swim above the apparent surface of the water.

The combat was very engaging. You had quite a few varied and interesting set ups. I appreciate the amount of props around too, they really add a dimension to the combat. One thing that I would note about the combat is there were a couple of times where you created an interesting setup that could be negated immediately by backtracking and funneling the enemies through a cramped corridor. If you were to make some bars or a wall rise up and then get lowered when the player hits a trigger volume on the other side of the arena it could make for tighter combat.

The secrets also entertaining to find. They didn't feel overdone or necessary to progress. That being said, you have one section where it's a small vertical chamber with a whole mess of small pipes above you. The player is able to navigate their way over the pipes to the top however there's no secret there?? It would be perfect for a diamond or something, in my opinion.

Overall, I enjoyed this map hugely. I would love to see what else you come up with.

ArturDitu @arturditu

Wow this map is amazing, i love it!!! do more!

Skade666 @skade666

o shid