Weapons SFX Reimagined for DUSK

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Created by PatrickHunt (mod ID: 84612)


This mod replaces weapons sounds with more powerful and realistic ones created from scratch. This includes all firearms, melee weapons and both normal explosion and the welder explosion. Sickles sounds were based off original ones and are simply enhanced.

Created simply as a practice in sound design. You can use these sounds in your mods as long as no money is being made.

Note: Right now there's a bug present in Dusk SDK where a few dozen milliseconds in the beginning of each sound are cutoff, thus making all gunshots lose their punch. Hence the abrupt start of each sound.


weapons_sfx_reimagined_-_beta_1.1.zip2.52mbBeta 1.1

weapons_sfx_reimagined_-_beta.zip2.3mbBeta 1.0.0


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Mupinstienika @mupinstienika

Wow man! This sounds amazing! I love the new sounds you have done in this mod. Especially the grenade launcher and shot gun. Thankyou so much for creating and posting this wonderful mod!